Apple Adds “Explicit” Category For App Store Submissions [Update: Category Removed]

Apple’s decision to ban sexual content from the App Store has brought them some hefty criticism, with many accusing them of being hypocritical by banning sexual content and yet giving favor to a select few big-name developers, like Sports Illustrated and Playboy. Now, a developer says that naughty stuff might make it’s way back on, as they have found a new category for apps called “Explicit”.

When a developer submits an app, they are asked to chose primary and secondary categories that best categorize their application. One developer says that a new catigory has popped up called Explicit, as you can see below:

“It’s available for selection when adding a new app to iTunesConnect although I can’t see any sign of it in the actual App Store yet,” the developer said.

Update: Several of you have written in to let us know that Apple has since removed the “Explicit” option from the list of categories for new app submissions. We’re not sure why it was pulled and if Apple has any intention of putting it back, but we’ll continue following the story as it develops.

[via Cult of Mac]

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