Apple Acquiring VoIP Service iCall

With Apple’s pockets bulging with cash and rumblings of an impending end to the recession, ’tis the season for companies like Apple to do their holiday shopping for smaller companies to gobble up. One unnamed source says the next one on Apples list is VoIP company iCall in a deal valuing between $50-60 million.

iCall CEO Arlo Gilbert was able to be reached by phone for comment, but as expected, he refused to confirm or deny that any talks are going on. Of course, that’s exactly what we’d expect him to say if there were talks going on, but it doesn’t give us anything to go on.

Apples exact motives for buying a VoIP service right now aren’t entirely clear, and even seem counterintuitive given their relationship with cellular companies for subsidizing the iPhone. Still, it might make for an interesting integrated service if able to be combined with the iPhone. Owning the “iCall” trademark might not be a bad thing for them, either.

[via Silicon Alley Insider]

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