Apple Acquires Music Streaming Service

Both the New York Times and Wall Street Journal have confirmed that rumors of Apple acquiring music streaming service Lala Media to be true. Lala media scans your hard drive and creates a mirror library in the cloud from their catalogue of 7 million songs, offering an incredibly easy way to stream songs you already own from anywhere with internet access. To listen to a song you didn’t own an unlimited number of times would cost $0.10, or $0.79-$0.89 per song.

Some are concerned that Apple may have purchased the service to kill it, but Apple has refused to comment on their plan. Apple spokesman Steve Dowling only said that, “Apple buys smaller technology companies from time to time and we generally do not comment on our purpose or plan.”

If not (which we hope is the case), it could make for several possibilities, like maybe including Apple’s mobile devices like the iPhone, and also possibly incorporating the new itunes Genius recommendations.

[via NY Times / WSJ]

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