App Store’s Fairplay DRM Hacked On Super Monkey Ball

A small group of hackers are claiming to have successfully hacked Super Monkey Ball, cracking Apple’s Fairplay DRM and allowing anyone to download it for free and install it on their iPhones. Some commenters on the site claim to have been able to download the game and get it running on their jailbroken iPhones, while others claim it didn’t work for them, questioning the hack’s legitimacy.

We’ve checked it out ourselves and can confirm that it works when loaded onto the phone through SSH, but this is one hack that could prove to be more of a problem than a solution. The ability to steal apps could potentially undermine the entire concept of the App Store, which was to motivate developers to write software with the hopes of making money from it.

The website, Hacklabs, has posted step-by-step installation instructions for the game and encourages users to follow suit and share other hacked apps. Neither Apple nor SEGA have commented on the situation.

Lastly, we would like to remind our users that we do NOT condone, endorse, or in any way approve of stealing applications available in the App Store.

[via MacNN]

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