App Store Statistics, Super Monkey Ball Making A Ton Of Money

At the time the App Store was launched, Pinch Media took the time to calculate some statistics about the apps being offered. At the launch, they counted 552 applications. Of those, 417 are paid apps, and 135 are free. Of those that are paid, the most common prices were $0.99 for 85 apps, $9.99 for 82 apps, and $4.99 for 62 apps. They’ve compiled a bar graph of the prices, which you can see after the break.

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Possibly most interestingly of all, however, is the discovery that the download stats for the apps in the store are displayed on the applications’ home pages, showing how many times it’s been downloaded. Super Monkey Ball, one of the apps that was highly publicized, was last known to have been downloaded 12553 times. Since they also show the prices of the device, we can calculate that SEGA has made at least $27,462 $87,871 just today, after Apple took their 30% cut. At this rate, the App Store is looking like it will be quite a success.

[via MacRumors, Pinch Media]

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