App Store Sells 99.44% Of All Apps In 2009

According to Gartner, the App Store is responsible for 99.4% of all sales for apps for mobile devices, grabbing up most of the $4.2 billion spent on apps during that time. If current trends stay the same, they project Apple will retain roughly 2/3 of that market in 2010. The report analyses App Sales and App revenue, in billions, throughout 2009, projecting rapid growth throughout this year.

They project that by 2013 (assuming humans aren’t extinct by then), the mobile app business will have grown from a 4.2 billion dollar industry to a 29.5 billion dollar industry. If Apple can maintain their hold on it, it would mean a huge success.

Some have been concerned that Gartner’s figures only take into account the number of apps sold, but the report says otherwise.

[via Ars Technica]

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