App Store Outpacing Early Music Store Growth

Despite growing to become the top music store in the U.S., the iTunes Music Store’s early days pale in comparison to the rapid early growth and popularity of their App Store. Just this August, Steve revealed that over $30 million in revenue had been generated by the app distribution store and 60 million apps had been downloaded.

That sounds like a lot to any of us, but it’s even more impressive when you compare it to Apple’s iTunes Music Store. In it’s first two months, it sold only 25 million songs, and took a whole two years to sell a whole billion, as was pointed out by Roughly Drafted Magazine. Of course, that was a different time and the music industry was different then.

That said, in the same amount of time, the App Store has distributed 100 million apps and pulling in $70 million for Apple alone. At this rate, it could easily grow into a billion dollar industry.

[via Ars Technica]

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