App Store Hits New Milestones

Packed and with room to grow, the App Store continues to climb with the hopes and prospects of app developers that have not seized to fill it with almost every type of app imaginable – significantly more than any other app marketplace on any platform.

With a figure other operating systems would be hard-pressed to cross soon, the App Store maintains the dominance that iPad exhibits in the multi-touch mobile world of today. Over 700,000 applications are available in the store as of today. Apple CEO Tim Cook explains, “Of course, the App Store is the place for all of us. It’s the most vibrant app ecosystem on the planet. We’ve recently crossed 700,000 apps in the store.”

Of the wide variety of apps, 250,000 have been created specifically for the iPad’s bigger screen real estate. As a side note, no other platform has maintained a number anywhere close of apps optimized for as specific an experience on a tablet device.

Even with the high amount of apps on the store, rest assured someone is downloading each. 90% of apps receive downloads monthly. Today, the average user has a collection of over a hundred apps.

The App Store has been an absolute revolution. It’s phenomenal and, together with incredible products, these have helped us to achieve another huge milestone.” – Tim Cook

[Image from Engadget.]