App Showcase: Tweet Push Notifies You Of New Tweets, Uses Your Favorite Twitter App

Today Polar Bear Farm released Tweet Push [App Store], an application that pushes new tweets to your iPhone or iPod touch. Right now when new direct messages or mentions come in, Tweet Push will alert you with the message “You have new tweets!” The cool thing is that Tweet Push works along side your favorite Twitter app to display the tweets. After selecting which app you’d like to use (it must be installed), tapping “View” will bring you to the selected app!

In a few days, Polar Bear Farm plans to roll out a management page which will let you receive all tweets from your timeline (not just mentions and DMs), change how often your tweets are checked, customize the notification sound, and preview the text from your last received tweet.

I’ve had a chance to play with Tweet Push for a couple weeks now and I must say that it’s quite handy. The option to see tweets from your timeline is nice, but I personally prefer to only get mentions and direct messages.

While the app itself will only cost $0.99, Polar Bear Farm requires that you pay for your use of the service. Your first 30 days are included and more time is available in chunks. You can buy 30, 120, and 150 day chunks at $0.99 per 30 days, per account. It’s not a subscription, so you won’t be getting charged until you buy more time.

Twitter apps that work with Tweet Push include:

  • Tweetie
  • Twitterrific
  • Twittelator
  • TwitterFon

It’s available right now and at $0.99, there’s no reason why anyone with Twitter shouldn’t give Tweet Push [App Store] a try!

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