App Sales: Spore Origins, BeeCells, Sprocket

As usual, several apps have gone on sale for a limited time since the last time we told you about them. Arnold Kim, founder of MacRumors, created a great new way of looking for iPhone apps online called, which was used to compile this list. Today’s list includes BeeCells, Sprocket, and Spore Origins.

  • BeeCells – $0.99 -> Free, [ App Store] for a limited time
  • Sprocket – $2.99 -> $0.99, [ App Store] “We’re having an introductory sale! Grab Sprocket now for only $0.99 (down from $2.99 for a limited time)!”
  • Spore Origins – $9.99 -> $7.99 [ App Store] “SALE! For a limited time, SPORETM Origins will sell for $7.99 (%20 off). Buy now before prices go back up on one of the App Store’s best selling games!

Note: The prices of some of these apps may have changed since this was posted, so be sure to check the price before hitting the buy button. If you notice any that have changed, leave a comment and I’ll correct it A.S.A.P.

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