App Fiend Lets Friends See Your iPhone Applications, Ratings, Suggestions

Are your friends constantly bugging you about app suggestions for their iPhone/iPod touch? While you could always tell friends to buzz off, there is a slightly better way to go about the situation. One website hopes to help you and your friends find the best applications on the app store.

App Fiend is similar to the iusethis site that many Mac users have come to love. On the site, you can add your favorite iPhone/iPod touch applications, and give them a personal rating/review. You can then allow friends to see what you have, and vice versa. You can read more about an application on the site, or click an iTunes link that will launch the App Store and allow you to purchase the app.

This site is a very nice complement to the App Store, as you are more likely to find unbiased reviews. You can signup for a free account on the App Fiend website.

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