Apimac Releases Translation Dictionaries for iPhone, iPod Touch

Software developer Apimac announced the release of English-Italian, English-German and English-Spanish dictionaries for the iPhone and iPod touch on Friday. The applications promise a comprehensive and up-to-date dictionary with grammatical notes; a huge phrase book containing thousands of English phrases with their translation, an exhaustive business dictionary for helping users to compose commercial letters, send emails and make phone calls in the language of the user’s choice.

Apimac has stated that the main features of the programs do not require any Internet connection, as the dictionaries are loaded into the device at time of purchase. A web connection is required only for Internet-specific features such as image search, looking for references and online translation.

The programs are available from the  App Store, the English-Italian app retailing for $1.99, the English-German app retailing for $0.99 and the English-Spanish app retailing for $0.99. The applications require iPhone OS 2.2.1 or later to install and run.

[Via Macworld UK]

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