Another Trojan Attacking iPhone Users

A second trojan is circulating the web that tries to take advantage of the iPhone 3g’s popularity. Researchers with Panda Security report that the emails have been circulating that claim to have an attached video of the iPhone. The attachment, named “VideoPhone[1]_exe” has been identified as Banker.LKCTrojan.

The trojan operates on a technique called pharming, in which DNS information is sabotaged to redirect a person to a malicious website. When run, the Banker trojan opens a browser window and navigates to a page selling iPhones to conceal it’s actions. What it’s really doing is modifying the host file of the victim’s computer, switching the IP addresses associated with bank domain names. Then, when a user tries to navigate to a bank’s webpage, they are redirected to to a site that gathers their account number and password, letting the thief steal their identity.

Currently the best way to defend your computer against the Banker trojan is to have up-to-date antivirus software. It is said that it’s easy to tell if your computer has been infected, as the spoof sites will frequently have misspelled URLs and lack security certificates.

[via MacNN]

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