Another Day, Another iPhone 5S Rumor: Alleged Photos Appear Online

The saga of the iPhone 5 has been a never-ending one, with rumors about what it’ll look like or feel like.  There have probably even been rumors about what it’ll smell like.  Never ones to turn away a good rumor, however, we must report yet another iPhone 5S rumor: pictures have emerged online.

Of course, we trust that our gentle, intelligent readers will take these rumors with a massive grain of salt, because anyone can post a picture, superimpose Chinese lettering and call it an unreleased iPhone.

The Chinese website posted pictures of what is purportedly the upcoming iPhone 5S. These alleged pictures were then picked up by the Times of India, and that was reported by CNET, and now iPhone Alley is joining the rumor party.  It’s a modern-day game of telephone, dear readers.

The Times showed numerous photos that they happily chirped were depictions of the front and back of what will be the iPhone 5S.

If the photos are true, then the iPhone 5S will, as expected, emulate the look of the iPhone 5, which means that, if true, there isn’t much of a story here.  As of right now, there don’t appear to be new features that would cause people to wait in lines for days on end just to buy their own.

Of course, there is no way to confirm the authenticity of any of this, so for the moment, these are rumors.  They’re intriguing rumors, to be sure, as we’re all awaiting the next iPhone, but until Apple itself shows off its new baby, there’s really not much to write home about.

[via: CNET]

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