Angry Birds Space Updated With Additional Content

Rovio has seen nothing but success since its debut back a few years ago with the original Angry Birds. Little did they know that the franchise would grow to have a tremendous impact on society. Since then, the series has evolved into multiple new iterations with the latest taking the birds out into space.

Said title broke a sales record for the Finnish development team. It sold 50 million copies in just 35 days – an outstanding amount. Naturally, the team promised tons of content for its large fanbase.

Today the game was updated with a whole ten new levels featured in a planet shaped as a donut. Sounds tasty!

What’s New in Version 1.2.0

Welcome to the delicious food planet of Utopia! These 10 delectable new levels filled with popcorn, cookies, and candy apples are good enough to eat – at least the pigs think so!

Munch your way through 10 tasty new levels!
Bounce birds off jelly trampolines!
Pop corn to create delicious mayhem!

Angry Birds Space is available for iPhone and iPad for $0.99/$2.99 respectively. Check it out today for a whole bunch of gravity-based fun!