Angry Birds Space Downloaded 50 Million Times in 35 Days

Developer Rovio today announced that the fourth iteration in the birds vs. pigs series is one “one of the fastest growing games ever,” with 50 million downloads in just 35 days. That’s undoubtedly stunning!

As reported today by Rovio (via iDownloadBlog), Angry Birds Space has grown tremendously from the time of its launch which was just 35 days ago. Shattering all of their previous records, the game has been downloaded a whopping 50 million times in its entire existence on the App Store.

In just three days after the game’s launch, there had been 10 million downloads of the new game showing promise. Meanwhile, to celebrate the event, Rovio are teasing their fans: “something even bigger is on its way!”

Check out the video below:

We’ve known Rovio in the past for keeping their fans interested with consistent updates dropping by every now and then with additional content. Whatever is in store simply cannot have us further out on our chairs.

The difference between this fourth installment in comparison to all of the rest? Not only does it simply reskin the common formula seen in all of the previous three, but it incorporates a new gravity engine taking the pigs and the onslaught of birds into space. Regardless of whether or not the new formula complicates things too much, it’s evidently caught on by the numbers.

Certainly, Angry Birds Space is my favorite of the series. I’m not sure if its the derivation from the norm, but it’s absolutely great. Check it out for your iPhone/iPod Touch ($0.99) and/or for your iPad ($2.99)