Analysts Try to Estimate iPad Pre-Orders, Suggest 150K Peak

Despite having no product on hand yet, ordering for the iPad officially started on Friday morning of last week. And with a flurry of eager consumers, estimates for the initial orders went as high as 25,000 in the first hour. By Saturday, the orders were suggested to have slowed to 1,000 per hour, leaving the total estimated sales for the weekend around 150,000. These estimates do not include reservations, only actual paid pre-orders.

Some analysts have suggested the numbers are not as strong as the initial launch of the iPhone, which topped 250,000 in sales the first weekend the phone debuted. Likewise, the iPhone 3G and 3GS each managed to top 1 million sales during their launch weekends. However, in all three cases, consumers were actually picking up a product on the day of purchase. The number iPad pre-orders is significant since the consumer is left with only a receipt for their early adoption troubles.

According to Daniel Tello, a blogger-analyst who has been tracking order numbers submitted by volunteers, the numbers indicate the total sales by the ship date of April 3 should be around 500,000 units.

[via CNNMoney]

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