Analyst: iPhone 5S Production Beginning March; Debut In June/July

We here at iPhone Alley enjoy a good iPhone, which is why we’re impatiently waiting for Apple to unveil its new iPhone, which everyone in the tech world believes will be the iPhone 5S, if the company’s previous iPhone releasing trend is repeated.

We can’t begin to imagine what improvements Apple can implement with the iPhone 5S since the iPhone 5 is already super fast and pretty slim. Either way, a new iPhone is inevitable this year and if what Jeffries’ analyst Peter Misek says is to be believed, we can expect the iPhone 5S to be here by summer’s end.

According to Misek, Apple is currently testing two new iPhone prototypes, one of which is expected to be the iPhone 5S while the other is believed to be the cheaper iPhone we’ve been hearing so much about over the past few weeks.

Misek believes after the test process is complete, the new iPhone 5S should begin production this March with a debut to occur this June or July.

Misek also points out a number of reasons why Apple may have cut back on its iPhone 5 component orders, which he believes isn’t due to “low demand” for the device. Instead, he believes the cut in orders may be due to Apple ramping up for the production of the iPhone 5S or component inventories rising over the holiday quarter due to an assembly bottleneck.

As for the cheaper iPhone, Misek is a believer that it exists and has been approved by the company to be created for emerging markets like China.

“Similar to the iPad mini, we expect a concentrated low-cost iPhone rather than a ‘cheap’ one. Likely specs: polycarbonate case with 4″ non-Retina display and no LTE,” Misek said.

The next couple of months should get pretty interesting; we can’t wait to hear more about the iPhone 5S and the cheaper iPhone.

Written by Daniel Perez; Edited by Mike Crook