Analyst Claims iPhone Will Lose its Luster This Quarter

Glen Yeung, a Citi analyst, has made some claims in an investors note that was released today that may be cause for slight concern; he feels that the iPhone will give up some of its market share this quarter, even though 48 million iPhones were sold in the first fiscal quarter, which closed December 29.

Yeung feels the cuts are due to stiff competition, and to support his questionable claim, he cited Apple’s cuts in supply orders.

“Our checks mid-December revealed initial signs of order cuts from Apple, now evident across a larger array of suppliers,” Yeung wrote in his report.

As a result of his “checks,” Yeung predicts that 35 million iPhone units will be sold this quarter, which if brought to fruition would be well below Wall Street’s prediction of 42 million.

So sure of his predictions is Yeung that he feels that not even the iPhone 5 can increase those figures. He seems unmoved by the impressive 48 million iPhones that were sold last quarter.

Of course, Yeung could be wrong, and he could be right. We tend to believe the former, especially given the first-quarter sales figures Apple released this week.

Only time will tell whether Yeung is a fortune teller or fool, and he’s certain to be using reliable litmus tests to form his hypothesis. Even so, true iPhone fans are sure to hope that he’s wrong, and that Apple sells 43 million iPhones, just to one-up both the analyst and Wall Street at the same time.

Whether Apple loses it iPhone juice this quarter, or whether it branches out into even more successful sales figures, nothing will stop the parade of new Apple products on the way, namely the iPhone 5S, and the iPhone 6 that is rumored to be in the testing phase.