An Infrared System for Future iOS Cameras?

According to the patent website that files Apple’s newest applications, Patently Apple, Apple is working on a highly sophisticated infrared system for, possibly, newer generations of iOS devices. The new addition not only shows promise, but could also get Apple on the good side of, including but not limited to, music, movie and tourist industries.

Today, the US Patent and Trademark Office published an application for a patent from Apple that showed advanced camera systems that could “employ infrared systems”. If added to future generations of the iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad and other later devices that could feature a camera, Apple would be greatly appreciated by movie, music and other industries. Why? If infrared emitters were implemented into movie theaters or at indoor/outdoor arenas, Apple could include a feature that would prevent the cameras from recording material illegally; illegal filming of movies or singers could be taken care of, from people using iPhones anyways. Then Apple could maybe locate thugs like so.

The infrared cameras could also be of use in museums or other such tourist areas. Museums could incorporate infrared emitters beside exhibitions, which could then transmit info to your iOS device about that exhibition. This info could include written info, audio or video. People visiting the places, who also own iPhones (who doesn’t?) could conveniently have guided tours of info straight from their devices.

It’s not something totally revolutionary, in terms of what the infrared cameras will add to future generations of the iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad, though, something like this truly wouldn’t be a bad thing at all. Let’s just hope that Apple does capitalize on the technology. Apple does file for a ton of patents, so I wouldn’t bet my life on this patent coming true, but surely keep it in mind. Also, if the above will prevent you from doing anything that you currently do, certainly cherish the times!

[For the full details and diagrams, visit Patently Apple]