Amidio Releases Touch DJ Music Application for iPhone, iPod Touch

For iPhone users looking to mix their own music, software developer Amidio has released an app called Touch DJ [App Store, $19.99], which the company claims is the the first full-featured DJ application on the iPhone platform.
The application offers realtime independent manipulation of two MP3 files, including scratching, looping, positioning, equalisation, effects and and pitching.

Per Amidio’s press release, the application offers highly advanced zero-latency sound engine offers results comparable to what can be done with professional hardware equipment.
The lack of an additional headphone input on the iPhone and iPod touch when mixing means the application uses “visual mixing” to discover which tracks mix well together, with the graphic display of the track waveforms next to each other.
Low-bass (kick) parts are detected and rendered in a different colour compared to the rest of the sonic frequencies, making beatmatching easier, adjusting the tracks position and pitch so that the kick parts become visually matched.

Touch DJ also features a second “Split” mode of mixing which requires the usage of a special l/r splitting adapter. Other features include an LP filter FX for each track, vinyl Spin and Break effects, onboard sampler with 3 sample slots, which accepts .WAV files, and the ability to record samples via the microphone.
Touch DJ also comes with 25 dance tracks provided by to get you started.

The application retails for $19.99 and requires iPhone OS 3.0 or later to install and run.

[Via Macworld UK]

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