Ambitious Developers Want to Turn Your iPad Into a Dual-Screen Microsoft Courier

A duo of developers is looking to recreate the unique experience that Microsoft’s dual-screen tablet would have by bringing it to the iPad. They would do so with an app that encompasses many of the same features that were seen in mock-ups for the highly-anticipated Microsoft device that ultimately never saw the light of day.

For a few months preceding the iPad’s announcement, Microsoft’s mock-ups of what they aimed their dual-screen tablet, codenamed Courier, to be like intrigued hundreds of thousands of enthusiasts. The captivating design allowed for seamless multi-tasking and a clean, organized space for apps. Unfortunately for many, just weeks after Apple’s critically-praised and highly-successful tablet launched, the dream of a quality dual-screen tablet died as Microsoft killed its Courier project.

Courier’s interface will live on as inspiration for the iPad app Taposé. Users will be able to use two programs within the app, such as an internet browser and a drawing tool, simultaneously side-by-side. A highly-functional, adjustable bar separates the two. An in-genius feature of the bar, especially in the multi-tasking setting, is its ability to hold files.

Take a look at one of Microsoft’s Courier mock-ups to see how compelling a dual-screen experience can be:

Make sure to visit the link at the bottom of the article to find out how the inspiration that the Courier design provided culminated into the Taposé project. The developers are shooting for a late summer release. We wish them the best-of-luck during the approval process since Apple typically does not allow apps that provide multi-tasking functionality. If the app even comes half-way close to reaching its potential, it could easily be one of the App Store’s most-functional.

[via Kickstarter]