Alton Brown Discusses His iPhone During Filming Of ‘Feasting On Waves’

Some of you might know Food Network’s Alton Brown as the food geek on his shows like Good Eats, but did you know he’s also technology-savy as well? Food Network kicks off his latest series, Feasting on Waves, tomorrow night, and he sat down with Gizmodo to talk about some of the gadgets that helped him get by, among which is the iPhone.

The premise of Feasting on Waves is that Alton and his crew of techs and cameramen traveled around 15 different Caribbean islands, shooting and editing footage entirely on 50-foot catamarans. While on the water he decided not to bring a computer, but opted instead to rely on his iPhone for things like email.

Remarkably, he noted that despite being out on the ocean, his iPhone only lost it’s data connection once for 30 minutes while they crossed the Anegada Passage.

For more on the other gadgets Alton used during the making of Feasting on Waves, you can check out the whole interview at Gizmodo.

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