All-Around Coverage from the Cellhelmet Case

Kickstarter has hosted some pretty awesome endeavors, a few of which have grown to become extremely profitable. Today, cellphone accessory manufacturer/reseller, Cellpig has posted a new project that has the potential to materialize into yet another rugged case to compete with all of the likes. Dubbed Cellhelmet, the case not only comes with hardy protection, but it’s also accompanied by an all-inclusive warranty that guarantees a replacement phone if your iPhone 4 or 4S breaks while encased in the case itself.

Cellpig must have a lot of faith in the quality of their product, for they’re offering a one-year accidental warranty for everyone of the case’s users – whether or not you opt into the warranty, you get it much to your overall benefit, as it comes along with no additional charge. The only downside is that you do have to pay a hefty fee to send in your phone for repairs, but it’s probably worth it when considering the investment as a longtime investment.

Design-wise, the Cellhelmet seems unique among other cases. Its body is made from TPU, a tough, durable material that won’t stretch, bend or break easily. For appeal purposes, each case comes with two backplates that can be used interchangeably to suit your daily mood, and I’m guessing that you can purchase additional backplates for extra charge.

With protection, you inevitably get extra, unwanted bulk that you’d rather not have. In this case, however, it seems minimal and quite desirable. The only glaring abnormal, irregularities in the case’s design seem to be in the corners, which would essentially be a problem if the case is too jagged. What with today’s testing, though, this will probably be avoided when the case retails later this year for $49.95.

Cellpig briefly explains the case:

Another case into the rugged classification of currently available ones is always welcome! If you want to help fund the project, so that it can reach its $10,000 goal, you can do so – only $40 will secure you a unit…and welcomed warranty. The project’s Kickstarter page: click here.

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