AirPhones is an application which lets you stream audio from your computer to your iPhone or iPod touch. Once you have it set up — which doesn’t take long at all — it’s as simple as opening the app on your iPhone and hearing your computer’s audio through your phone. You can play audio through the built-in speaker, using headphones, or even through a speaker dock if you have one. Simply plug in, open the app, and you’re in business.

Of course, AirPhones doesn’t magically hijack your computer’s audio. To make it work, you need to run the AirPhones server on whichever computer you want to stream audio from. Installing the app is incredibly simple and pairing it with your phone is as easy as opening the app and hitting “Connect.”

One of my favorite things about AirPhones is that it’s so simple. The app itself doesn’t do anything; you open it and audio starts streaming from your computer. There are no options; it just plays. When you quit the app, audio fades back in on your computer. Smooth.

The audio you receive from your computer is the same you’d normally hear coming out of your speakers. Because AirPhones acts like another sound output on your computer, you get everything. This means you can stream audio from iTunes, YouTube, Hulu, or anything else. There’s also very little latency, so you can comfortably watch a video without the audio going too horribly out of sync.

Now as great as AirPhones is, there are several things to note before you grab it. First, both your computer and your iPhone (or iPod) need to be on the same network. It does not work over 3G. Second, AirPhones will not work if you have Bluetooth activated on your iPhone or iPod touch. However, all you have to do to fix this problem is turn off Bluetooth in Settings. A possible annoyance for some, but not a big deal.

Overall, AirPhones is one of my favorite apps. It’s useful, simple, and it just works.

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