Air Sharing

Air Sharing is another file storage application. Like the rest, its primary purpose is to turn your iPhone into a glorified flash drive with the added ability of checking out a majority of the files you store. However, Air Sharing comes with quite a few extras that really make it worth the extra cost.

Files are uploaded to Air Sharing in a number of ways, none of which require any special software to be running on your computer. You can connect to the app using WebDAV on the Mac (via the “Go” Menu in the Finder), or using Windows Explorer on the PC. It’s all done with standard HTTP, so you can even browse files currently on your iPhone using just about any browser.

To view any readable file, simply tap it. To delete a file on the fly, tap the edit button and press the delete sign. Folders can also be created on your desktop if you’d like to stay organized.

The good: You can easily connect to Air Sharing on just about any platform, no additional software required. Your iPhone simply shows up as a mounted network drive. You can even view and download your files from any web browser. If you’re not familiar with networking, Air Sharing also provides quite a bit of help for Windows, Mac, and Linux to get you up and running quickly.

Air Sharing will read just about anything the iPhone can natively run, including Office docs, iWork docs, RTFs, PDFs, Safari web archives, nearly any image type, almost any audio file, and a few video types as long as they’re properly encoded for the iPhone.

Air Sharing also comes with a few conveniences that some other file storage apps don’t. From the main window, your iPhone’s IP address (which is used to access your stuff) is displayed along with the item count and amount of free space available. If you tap the “airport” icon, your iPhone’s IP address along with its Bonjour address is displayed.

Even cooler, Air Sharing comes with quite a few sharing options as well. You can password protect your iPhone for added security. You can even enable a public folder in case you do want to provide a spot for the public to store stuff. Sharing can also be entirely disabled in case you’re feeling really paranoid.

Lastly, Air Sharing can keep your iPhone awake for a specific amount of time so that your iPhone won’t sleep while you’re moving stuff around.

The bad: The only thing I didn’t care for was the misleading (at least to me) use of “Bonjour” to describe how the app talks to a Mac. To me, Bonjour indicates that it will show up in the Finder under “Shared”. This isn’t the case, although it’s not a big deal at all. In fact, I’m only mentioning it so you’re not surprised when it doesn’t show up.

There is no way to search, which can be done with other similarly priced apps.

The Bottom line: Air Sharing is a fantastic file storage app with lots of additional features. It’s compatible with nearly every platform and doesn’t rely on third party software to do it. If you’re looking for one of the best file storage apps for your iPhone, give Air Sharing a try!

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