Agile Mobile Announces Agile Messenger, Agile Forces For iPhone, iPod touch

Thai company AgileMobile has announced the availability of beta versions of two new applications for the iPhone and iPod touch: Agile Messenger and Agile Forces. Aglie Messenger is a multi-protocol instant messaging client for handheld that gives seamless integration of AIM, ICQ, Yahoo!, MSN, Google Talk, and XMPP. Using the app, users can send both text, image, video and voice messages to other users from mobile to mobile or mobile to desktop.

Agile Forces is a turn-based multi-player strategy war game for the iPhone and iPod touch that lets users challenge other users online from around the world over their matchmaking server, or just in single-player mode. The game features over 100 levels.

“We are extremely excited about Apple’s new iPhone and iPod Touch devices, and are fully committed to developing new software products for this platform,” said Timon Haringa, co-founder and Technical Director of Ltd. “Agile Messenger enables people on the go to stay in contact with co-workers, family and friends, anywhere, anytime and any place. Thanks to Apple’s advanced new devices our customer’s user experience is becoming more intuitive and rewarding than ever.”

You can install beta versions of Agile Messenger in under ‘Network’ and Agile Forces in under ‘Games’.

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