Adobe, ARM Team Up To Bring Flash To ARM-Powered Handsets, Still Hope For iPhone?

Adobe and ARM have both announced that they will be working together to optimize Adobe Flash Player 10 and Adobe AIR to work on ARM-powered devices. The optimization specifically focuses on the ARM11 family, which just so happens to be what powers our iPhones.

The collaboration is expected to accelerate mobile graphics and video capabilities on ARM platforms to bring rich Internet applications and Web services to mobile devices and consumer electronics worldwide.

They hope to be finished by the second half of 2009. They didn’t specifically mention the iPhone, but PC Magazine notes that “devices with at least 200 MHz processors, more than around 16 Mbytes of RAM and a ‘completely capable [Web] browser’ will be able to render Web-based Flash content.” This description fits the iPhone perfectly.

There’s a good chance that this could finally mean flash for the iPhone is on the way. The main reason Steve Jobs gave for the lack of Flash support was that it wouldn’t run properly on it. If this optimization effort pays off, then it could mean Flash web apps and video are in the foreseeable future.

[via PC Magazine]

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