ACTPrinter is an extremely useful app that allows you to download any document you would otherwise print right to your iPhone. Once you go to Houdah Software’s website and download the corresponding computer application, you’re all set to go! This is one those app concepts that I’m really surprised isn’t automatically included with the iPhone.

Once you have the desktop application, open both it and the iPhone app. The computer version will give you very clear instructions on what to do. Simply pick the document you want to transfer, select “print,” and choose the “print to iPhone” option from the PDF drop down button on the bottom left corner. Click “ok” and your file will download to your phone through your wireless connection in a matter of seconds! To view your document in either portrait or landscape mode, just touch to select and then pinch to zoom in.

I would have been content with just the simple function of transferring and viewing PDF files, but it’s a little bit more than just that. As the name suggests, you can transfer virtually anything that’s printable (with the exclusion of web pages). You can also use it for storing printable coupons! For example, if you download an online coupon with a barcode to the app, you can scan it at the store right from your device’s screen. Very handy indeed!

Pretty much the only drawback I can think of is that it only works if you have a Mac. That would obviously be something you’d want to consider before purchasing, but for those of us that have a Mac, this app is an absolute must have. I just wish I would have discovered it earlier! It’s a great help in keeping me organized (I use it for my knitting patterns), as I am less likely to misplace my iPhone than I am a sheet of paper. The price is great and it will literally pay for itself minutes after downloading, due to it saving you both ink and paper costs! Awesome.

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