ABC Player for iPad an Early Success

ABC has released initial statistics on the performance of their iPad app, and the results are promising.  The ABC Player [App Store, Free] has been downloaded 205,000 times since it’s release just ten days ago, and the app has delivered 650,000 television episodes during that time.

While the app and its content are free, episodes are occasionally interrupted with short 30 second ads.  ABC has stated these ads have already been watched several million times.  Additionally, the app provides links to buy the TV show in iTunes.  While it is still very early in the game, these features appear to be capable of producing significant revenue for the network, while also providing users with a simple and easy way to watch their favorite television content.

Thanks to their early success, ABC plans on further expanding the app with more advertising features already in use by their website, such as location based advertising and more interactive ads.  ABC is currently the only major TV network to release a dedicated app for the iPad, but their promising results could easily cause others to follow in their footsteps.

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