A Very Disappointing Rejection, Wi-Fi Sync Not Coming to the App Store

Video of an amazing app surfaced a few weeks ago: Wi-Fi Sync, which let’s you sync your iPhone or iPod Touch without the hassle of plugging it in to your PC or Mac. Not only did we feel this app should be available in the App Store, but it should be part of the next iPhone OS. Apparently the app reviewers at Apple don’t agree, because we just got word from the developer, Greg Hughes, today that Apple has rejected Wi-Fi Sync, citing security concerns among other reasons.

From the conversation I had with Greg, it is apparent he will not be pursuing any options to try to get the app listed. For the mainstream iPhone or iPod Touch user, this is a serious disappointment. If you’ve jailbroken your device however, we have some good news for you. Wi-Fi Sync is being released on Cydia for $9.99. (The app is already showing when I checked Cydia.)

We will be reviewing Wi-Fi Sync in the next few days, likely reminding everyone what a shame the app will never be available on the App Store.


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