A Thousand Foxconn Employees Riot at iOS Device Display Factory

Although Apple has publicly stated that they’re striving to improve working conditions at its Foxconn manufacturing factories littered throughout China, tensions between the employer and workers is still high and rising – as many as a thousand employees rioted in Chengdu on Monday night.

Taiwan’s WantChinaTimes has stated that Chengdu workers prevented a thief from being caught by the Foxconn security guards apparently due to an existing grudge.

The issue quickly picked up steam and soon after workers were tossing trash cans, bottles, chairs, pots and more from the upper floor of Chengdu’s dormitory. In addition, the employees lit up fireworks and destroyed public facilities. Soon after the riot began, workers were suppressed and, in some cases, arrested by a force of hundreds of police officers and guards.

The Chengdu manufacturing factory is where displays are created for both the iPhone as well as Apple’s flagship iPad.

This riot comes on the heels of public awareness and promises to improve working conditions at Foxconn following worker suicides. In fact, Tim Cook publicly stated he would personally make sure that conditions were suitable.