A Few More Kickstarter Projects Worth Checking Out

As a continuation of my previous article on interesting iPhone endeavors soon to be, I’ve got three more today from Kickstarter that I have been dying to share. If you don’t already know what Kickstarter is, it’s a community website designed to aid creative people in “kickstarting” their products. By donating as little as $1, you can help different projects materialize. Different things are promised in return for backing a product, which could include the product itself.

Red Pop

(Goal reached; funding still going on)

The Red Pop, from the same guys who made the Movie Peg, is a product that will make taking pictures easier. Feeding off of the fact that some pictures just need to be taken at the right moment, the innovative product allows you to take pictures with a single, physical click. The product itself will wrap around the bottom of your iPhone, providing you with a simple and easy way to snap photos when most needed – vacations, sporting games, etc.

The Infinite Loop

(Goal reached; funding still going on)

The large mass of stands currently available for the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad is actually quite overwhelming. Every major accessory retailer has their own take on what should be propping up your iDevice when you want to go hands-free. This new project on Kickstarter, is a stand, but not just any – it’s most definitely in a whole other category from all of the rest. This stand lets you take control of what exactly you want it to be. Instead of the product limiting you from where you can prop up your iPhone, iPod Touch of iPad hands-free, whether it be your bed, your stomach or someplace else, there is no limit. Hence the name, Infinite Loop. You can mold the stand into any shape wanted to give you an almost endless amount of possibilities for standing up your device. The highly innovative design also makes the Infinite Loop easily portable, with the ability to roll up into a compact circle. When the product becomes available, an iPad and mini iPhone/iPod Touch version will be sold separately.

Indie Game: The Movie

(Goal reached; funding still going on)

Indie Game: The Movie is a documentary based on the hardships of being an indie, in other words an independent, developer. The film will follow the emotional process of development of Edmund McMillen’s and Tommy Refenes’s “Super Meat Boy” for the XBLA, of Phil Fish’s “Fez” and of Jonathan Blow’s “Braid”. Based on the trailer posted at Kickstarter, the title seems like it will be a great illustration of the difficulties behind game development: time, money while developing, and more. It doesn’t quite pertain to the iPhone, though does represent what iPhone indie developers go through. Look out for it soon.

That’s all for now. Keep a lookout for more cool Kickstarter projects soon – there are plenty of upcoming iPhone/iPod Touch gizmos that will soon be coming out, and some will definitely be worth keeping close tabs on.