A Case of the Missing Sync

I was able to spend a few days with Wi-Fi Sync on my jailbroken iPhone and found only two downsides to this extremely simple app: It doesn’t work on the iPad and it’s not available in the App Store. Wi-Fi Sync allows you to sync your iPhone or iPod Touch to your Mac without having to use the USB cable to do it. This is a feature that should be standard on all iDevices, unfortunately the app was rejected by Apple and is now only available for the brave souls who are willing to jailbreak their device.

Setup is simple, and requires a small Mac utility to work. The free utility sits in your system tray just waiting for an iPhone or iPod Touch to connect. When you start the Wi-Fi Sync app on the device, iTunes begins to function exactly as if you plugged it in using the USB cable. Depending on the data being transferred, syncing over Wi-Fi can obviously be slower than a tethered connection. But over the last few days of use I didn’t see any significant difference in the tethered sync times versus wireless.

Wi-Fi Sync is available on Cydia for $9.99. If you’re willing to jailbreak your device, this is highly recommended app.

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