$9,000,000 in Damages, Several Almost Die, 21 Homeless in App Marketing Stunt Reportedly Gone Wrong

All for the promotion of a game that the developer claims had gone terribly amiss, the company behind a foolish marketing stunt claims that $9,000,000 was caused in damages and 21 have become homeless as a result of the company’s total disregard in devising a ludicrous public spectacle. Several people had even come close to death as result of a poorly-planned wrecking ball demolition… or not.

If real and not a senseless PR move by the company, then Playgearz actually thought that demolition of a building, which they had not confirmed to be empty, by way of three cranes equipped with wrecking balls painted after ridiculous characters in its upcoming game would be an idea without repercussion. According to a press release by Playgearz, beginning at 7am this morning the cranes directed the wrecking balls towards demolishing a building that had not been properly inspected amidst a crowd of onlookers. The destruction reached a deadly point when “a couple inside the building started yelling for help and waving white t-shirts” as residents reportedly began crowding fire escapes. Crane operators were too focused on putting on the marketing display to notice, which is yet another absurd point of this story.

A man in charge of the operation, Tork (who is this, a character in the game…?), had been quoted as saying that, “they told us the building was condemned.” Then, why not at least attempt entry into the building to make sure of this before taking on such a stupid PR move? It is childish to think destruction could be a clever way to promote an iPhone game. CEO Steve Hoffman had to say that, “It sounded like a clever idea, but there was trouble with the execution.” You think, Steve?

Not to be fooled, we are 99% sure that this story is just an absolutely terrible PR move made up by the company, as if they could sink any further. We cannot help but gawk at the stupidity of this situation. Either way, we may as well just blacklist this developer. So, why even post this? As an amusing example of headline-catching marketing that will only cause people to hate the developer, Playgearz.

Whether this is a horrifying factual story or a fantastical example of poor marketing (the latter is much more likely), please do not give business to Playgearz as a result.