$900 Surveillance Camera App Lets You Spy On Your Stuff

Got more than $900 worth of something lying around? If so, then there’s a new iPhone app you might want to have a look at. We all remember the $1,000 iPhone app ‘I Am Rich’ that did nothing more than display a bad illustration and some messy text. Now Lextech Labs has launched an app that costs just $100 less, but offers a lot more substance.

The app is none other than the iPhone Dev Camp Coolest iPhone App Award, iRA. It’s a surveillance camera app that was created for the high-end security industry, giving the user control of multiple video feeds and the ability to control pan-tilt-zoom cameras right from the app.

Lextech Labs suggests that those wanting to use this application don’t just download the app, however. They strongly suggest shopping for a surveillance equipment integrator before shelling out the $900, and recommend the user have some knowledge of network and digital camera installation and configuration.

As stated, iRa is available in the App Store for $899.99.

[via Cult of Mac]

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