7 Ways PC World is Out of Touch

Late last week PC World published a story highlighting seven ways Android 2.2 is superior to the iPhone. From the seven posted reasons, we get the distinct impression the author has never used an iPhone. As if their lack of iPhone experience isn’t bad enough, they are comparing a year old OS to an unavailable OS. If they wanted to compare unreleased operating systems, perhaps they should have compared Android 2.2 to iPhone OS 4.

“Want to use your phone as a broadband modem for your computer? With Android 2.2 you can do it. With the iPhone you can’t.”

Wrong. The iPhone has been tethering in most parts of the World for quite some time. It’s simply not an option for people stuck with AT&T. This is AT&T’s issue, not the iPhone’s.

“Android 2.2 will run Flash.”

So far we’ve seen Flash crash the Android browser and, at best, significantly reduce its performance. In order for the Android browser to run as smoothly as Mobile Safari, they recommend you disable Flash! I’ve been using the iPhone for three years now, and don’t miss Flash even one iota. Even on my Mac I’ve installed ClickToFlash, and haven’t missed Flash once. So who cares if the Android may eventually run Flash? A publication as big as PC World should know that Flash is quickly dying.

“It has open apps. On Android you can download any app you want, either through the Android Market, or from the Web.”

I wouldn’t put this in the win column for Android. The Android marketplace is full of garbage apps, and users have no assurance that whatever they download won’t completely foul up their phone. For some tech-heads, being able to install any app might work fine. Those types of users can spend hours trying to figure out why their phone no longer works properly. But for the common phone user, they need to know when they install an app their phone will still work as advertised. This is what Apple’s so-call draconian rules assure. It’s called stability, and it’s why so many people have switched from PCs to Macs.

“Want to run multiple apps simultaneously on an Android phone? Sure. Go crazy. Want to do it on an iPhone? Sorry, you can’t do it.”

As I stated above, perhaps they should have compared the non-existant Android OS with the upcoming iPhone OS. The iPhone OS 4.0 does support multi-tasking.

“Android’s built-in browser is excellent, but if you don’t like it, you can always use another one, such as Opera, and eventually Firefox, among others.”

This is priceless. You can use Opera on Android 2.2? Wow, you can use Opera on the current version of the iPhone. You may eventually be able to use Firefox on Android 2.2? Did they really just say the Android OS beats the iPhone because it may someday do something?

“Given all that, why would anyone buy an iPhone rather than an Android phone? I don’t know; it beats me.”

I have one simple answer for that: Simplicity. The Android platform is a complete mess. Everyone you talk to, including phone reps, have no idea what is going on with the Android OS. This phone comes with that version of Android, this other phone comes with a different version. No one knows which version does what, and no one knows how to update their Android OS to a better version. Apple made it simple: There’s one phone, the iPhone. Each year they introduce better hardware, and each year they introduce a better OS. And if you own an iPhone, you get that better OS.

Given all that, why would anyone read PC World? I don’t know; it beats me.

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