4 Million iPhones Jailbroken; 38% Use Pirated Apps

Not long after the launch of the App Store, Pinch Media’s analytics software picked up huge pikes in user numbers for apps on their network that didn’t match up to iTunes download numbers. This was soon discovered to be due to piracy. Now it is estimated that of the approximately 4 million jailbroken iPhones they can detect, Roughly 38% of them have used a pirated application at least once.

That’s not even considering that these numbers only apply for pirated apps containing Pinch Media’s analytics software, or that many users with pirated apps go out of their way to avoid being detected.

(We find it equally interesting that based on this data, most users with jailbroken iPhones are not app thieves, as far as Pinch Media can detect.)

There are a few other interesting facts they have been able to derive. For example, the ratio of piracy to total installs of the app is at just 5% in the US, but approaching 40% in China. It also shows a strong negative correlation with GDP in that region.

Those who pirate apps also don’t use them for as long and seem to be less interested in them. Intensity of usage is also lower.

Possibly the most interesting is that pirated apps crash more than purchased ones.

[via Pinch Media]

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