3G Slingplayer Mobile Now In App Store

At long last, Sling Media has released the 3G-capable version of their TV streaming application, SlingPlayer Mobile [App Store, $29.99], to the App Store. The new version is able to stream video from your TV connection at home to your iPhone, and now instead of being restricted to working over Wi-Fi only, it will stream on AT&T’s 3G network as well. The release is following AT&T’s lift on a ban on the 3G-capable version of the application, which they initially put in place over concerns about it taking too much traffic for the network to handle.

“We’re delighted the SlingPlayer Mobile App now has 3G capability,” said John Gilmore, senior vice president and general manager at Sling Media. “Slingbox users in many countries around the globe, including the United States, can now enjoy their living room TV experience on their iPhone and iPod touch whether on a 3G or WiFi network.”

[via MacRumors]

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