3G Skype On iPhone Not Ready, But iPad App Coming Soon

AT&T announced recently that they will be allowing VoIP applications to run over their 3G data network, but Skype says they will wait until they can offer high-quality audio over the data network. They are, however, planning to offer an iPad app in the very near future, which would make calling over 3G on the iPad a likely possibility.

According to the post on the official Skype blog:

You may have seen other apps offering calls over 3G, but we’re holding ours back for a little bit longer. Why? So that we can give you the very best audio quality we can. When our 3G-capable Skype for iPhone app is released, it’ll let you make calls in wideband audio, giving you greater clarity and fidelity – because that’s what you expect from Skype.

This is bad news for those of us who tend to burn through our minutes with lightning-fast speed. We’ve been waiting to see this for a long time, but it looks like we still have a long way to go before we get 3G Skype calling on the iPhone.

Not so with the iPad, though. Skype says that the new SDK makes calling over 3G on the iPad a possibility:

Last Thursday, Apple introduced the iPad, which we’re very excited about here at Skype. David Ponsford, who features in the video above, and his team are reviewing the device and its specs, and you can expect to hear more from us about Skype for iPad in due course. What does this have to do with calling over 3G? The SDK (Software Development Kit) which Apple provides to developers like Skype has been upgraded for the iPad. The new version, 3.2, removes the restrictions on calling over 3G, which is great news.

[via GigaOM]


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