Accessory Lets iPhone Users Watch 3D YouTube Videos

Wouldn’t you say videos are a little flat on the iPhone now? Okay, admittedly some people will say “no” thanks to the vividness and pixel density of the Retina Display. However, those who muttered “yes” can get ready for a whole world of Avatar-esque ooos and ahhs from the relative comfort of their iPhone coupled by a 3D viewer (pushing the phrase “comfort”).

By placing an iPhone inside the Japanese-made 3D Director Viewer, the device is held in place inside the goggle-akin Viewer at an optimal distance and angle for the two lenses on the front to be able to create the illusion of a 3D image. In theory, this should work better than traditional movie theater (and especially home 3DTV) 3D glasses since the simple method implemented into the 3D Director Viewer provides a clear, totally separate image to each eye.

Recommended usage appears to be for YouTube, as the viewer is designed to line-up with the two feeds that YouTube provides for each retina. While much of the content is not perfectly-optimized, YouTube has built-up a fairly big collections of videos that are available in 3D. There certainly is not a better option for content in the third-dimension available. Completing the package with a full 3D movie store would go a long way, though there is very doubtful to happen unless iPhone one day is upgraded to a 3D display. (Just saying, iTunes.)

Last year, Hasbro released its own 3D My3D viewer that sported a similar design. However, it suffered from a lack of new content that makes finding the old viewer in whatever pile it ended up in not worthwhile for those that got their twenty minutes out of it.

If getting one more dimension out of your iPhone piques your interest, then you can head over to Sanwa’s site to purchase your own. Their site is Japanese-only for the moment though, we will keep you updated on any state-side developments on the 3D viewer front.