$30 Lightning Adapter for iPhone 5 Won’t Work with Video or iPod Out Accessories

The introduction of the new iPhone 5 dock, dubbed Lightning, understandably caused a widespread panic among the public. The issue: whether the iPhone 5 would be able to be used with older accessories engineered to work with the now ancient 30-pin dock connector. Fortunately, Apple will also begin to offer a $30 solution in the form of an adapter for those concerned. Although meant to rectify the aforementioned issue, the adapter won’t, in fact, work with many older accessories.

According to Apple’s website and description of the product, the adapter “lets you connect devices with a Lightning connector to many of your 30-pin accessories.” Conveniently mentioned alongside the description is the fact that video and iPod out are “not supported”.

Unfortunately for customers, this means that almost any accessory that used the Video out or iPod out capabilities of the 30-pin connector are now obsolete.

With the Video out and iPod out capabilities being analog ports and the new Lightning port being digital, all of the old analog pins from the iPod-style 30-pin dock connector were declared dead and gone following the introduction of Lightning. Although the price tag for the adapter is already quite high, Apple most likely didn’t integrate the support for Video out and iPod out due an issue concerning price. Regardless, it seems unclear why the company didn’t offer a slightly more expensive adapter with the additional support for those who were willing to pay the premium.

This basically means that any speaker or dock that you own won’t be compatible with the new Lightning port. You could, however, still connect by means of auxiliary cables and the iPhone’s headphone jack, but that ruins the purpose of a dock.

It seems at this moment, that the only real use for the adapter would be in conjunction with older charging cables. Does that really warrant the steep $30 price tag? Let us know down below.