3.0 Bug: Deleted Mail Is Still Searchable

Macworld has stumbled on an interesting bug dealing with how your iPhone deletes (or more accurately, doesn’t delete) email. If you use your iPhone for email, chances are you’ve deleted at least a few messages by now. What you may not know is that just because these messages are no longer accessible in the Mail app, they’re not completely gone.

They’re surprisingly easy to get to. If you can’t remember any of the text from an email you’ve deleted, just type any vowel or other small amount of text (‘sa’ works well), and you are likely get a few email messages in the results. Chances are, you will also get an email or two that you thought you deleted permanently. Tapping on one will open it up in Mail, as if it had never been deleted, but if you navigate from there to the inbox, there will be no trace of it.

While you might suspect these messages to still be in the Trash or on the IMAP server, neither is what is true. The only possible answer is that these messages haven’t been fully deleted from the device.

It is hoped that Apple will fix this in 3.1, as it could be a minor security risk.

[via Macworld]

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