2.0 Firmware Reveals Future Printer Connectivity?

New clues to future features and wireless hardware compatibility have been uncovered. The iPhone 2.0 firmware package has been decrypted, and upon further poking around in it’s file structure, a new directory was spotted named “Printers”. It is currently empty, but speculation is that it may be populated with drivers in the future that would enable the iPhone to wirelessly connect to a printer over a network.

Also found in the firmware were what appears to be a list of supported Bluetooth headsets, including:

  • Parrot CK3100
  • SouthWing SH310
  • Samsung WEP170
  • Motorola T305
  • Motorola S705
  • Motorola HS850
  • Motorola H500
  • Samsung WEP200
  • Plantronics 320
  • Plantronics 640
  • Plantronics Voyager 510
  • Jabra BT250v
  • Jawbone

[via iPhone Atlas]

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