Pieceable Lets iPhone Developers Share Apps in a Web Browser‎

A new online tool may save iPhone users from buyer’s remorse in the future. A startup named Pieceable (part of i/o Ventures) released a product that allows app developers to share work-in-progress iPhone applications  with anyone they want. The new tool called Pieceable Viewer helps developers publish their apps on the Web, allowing their colleagues to use their browsers to test it out without downloading it to their devices.

CEO Fred Potter tells TechCrunch, “It ends up being the easiest way ever to share an iPhone app on the web. There’s no UDID exchange, there’s no worry about the 100-device limit Apple places on dev accounts – it’s zero friction and hassle.”

This is great news for developers and iPhone owners. It allows users an easy way to test and vent about apps before buying them, while giving developers much needed feedback about their betas. It’s also an easier way for the press and bloggers to review new products. Imaging being able to test out an app while reading about it, instead of just watching a YouTube video of someone else using it.  Users of Google’s Android operating system already enjoy the Amazon Appstore which uses a similar web-based application viewer.

But making iTunes App Store customers happy isn’t Pieceable’s goal. They want to be the WordPress of app making.

We’re trying to make app creation as easy as it can be, explains Potter. Even if it wasn’t what they intended, Pieceable Viewer opens as many new doors for app users as it does developers.

You can see an example of the Yelp app via Pieceable Viewer here.