128GB iPad 4 Being Prepared for Release by Apple [Rumor]

According to sources close to 9to5Mac, Apple is preparing to release a new SKU for its fourth-generation iPad that will deliver 128GB of internal memory. The 128GB iPad is being described as a “premium SKU” and has been spotted labeled as “Ultimate” in a leaked SKU listing that was provided to 9to5Mac late yesterday evening.

It seems the “Ultimate” 128GB iPad won’t provide any additional improvements to the fourth-generation iPad as its color selection, wireless combinations and design will remain the same as the current fourth-generation iPad.

Aside from the leaked SKU, 9to5Mac also suspects the upcoming release of the 128GB fourth-generation iPad due to a piece of code that was discovered in iOS 6.1 beta 5, which makes reference to compatibility with 128GB iOS devices.

A 128GB iPad might be considered overkill for the everyday iPad user as most of you can get by with a 16GB iPad without experiencing any kind of space issue.

9to5Mac notes the purpose of the 128GB iPad would be intended for government or retail use, although we’re sure a couple of you tech aficionados would probably still like to get your hands on this version just so you could have that much storage in the palm of your hands.

[Via 9to5Mac]

Written by: Daniel Perez; Edited by: Mike Crook