1 out of 3 Shoppers Already Plan to Buy iPhone 5

We may not have any concrete details about the iPhone 5. Except it may have an A5 chip. Or jump ahead to an A6. Maybe the screen will get a bump to 3.7″. Its design may be completely redesigned. Or tapered. Possibly thinner and lighter. Who knows, maybe it will print money (it will for Apple, but that’s beside the point) and bake cookies. Other than the last two, the rumor mill mentions all of those being real possibilities thus absolutely nothing is 100% set in stone. Oh, and it may or may not be introduced in September then released sometime afterwards. Knowing nothing about it does not stop shoppers from wanting it, however.

PriceGrabber.com conducted a survey, which 3,000 people participated in, to find out just how popular the prospect of a new iPhone is among customers. They found that 35% of customers are intrigued enough to already have plans in place to purchase the device once it does become available.

Interestingly enough, half of the prospective iPhone 5 customer base plan to purchase it within a year. The rest seem to lack market knowledge since they want iPhone 5 by the end of 2012. At that point, its superior successor will more than likely have launched, making the fifth-generation device outdated though discounted.

While 35% are interested in iPhone 5, 48% prefer iOS leading to the conclusion that many are happy with their current iPhone and do not see the latest-and-greatest as being necessary. The one in three statistic beats that of any other phone, which adds fuel to the argument that more customers would own an iPhone rather than sticking to the popular Android devices mainly due to price. In fact, 55% cited a lower price as their most-desired feature and 59% would like better battery life.

I wonder just how many customers would even be compelled by significant additions or speedier hardware considering the mundane requests. Then again, the more geeky specifications we appreciate at sites like iPhone Alley do not appeal to consumers without a translation.

The 35% demonstrate a trust of the iPhone and Apple brand considering how they do not even need to know anything about the next iPhone in order to make purchasing decisions regarding it. Let’s just hope that the delay in production means that supply can at least come close to meeting demand. Well, on launch day if possible.