ThinkGeek’s Cube Laser Virtual Keyboard – A Fantasy for Many?

Now, why someone normal (I’m not normal, evidently) would actually purchase one of these is completely past me, but they are pretty darn cool. ThinkGeek’s Cube Laser Keyboard, made especially for the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad, retails for $170 and is a gizmo for people who like virtual keyboards, but dislike the iPhone’s and iPad’s.

This does have some significance to our poll on whether people prefer the iPhone’s virtual keyboard or would rather have an external keyboard. ThinkGeek’s laser keyboard is an external keyboard, but is not something you can “feel” – rather, it’s a virtual keyboard.

The product is basically a tiny, very-practical-for-traveling, projector that projects a full-size QWERTY keyboard on to any surface. The virtual, laser keyboard can then be used for typing on your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad by pairing via bluetooth.

I wouldn’t mind one of these, but I’m starting to wonder how comfortable it would feel. In my opinion, it seems as if typing on a desk could prove to be a bit weird after awhile. And the projector’s small size does conflict with the fact that the keyboard will take up a considerable amount of room. Not sure what I’m quite yet getting at. Skepticism aside, the project looks as it is a pretty innovative venture, though once you see the price, your jaws may hit the floor. It’s not surprising that it costs $169.99, because it is a projector, but it’s not too ideal. If you are intrigued by the product, you can purchase it here. And it also does work with PCs and Macs with bluetooth-pairing capabilities.

Here’s a quick demonstration of the Laser Keyboard in action on an iPad: