Straight from Kickstarter: Say Hi to the MobileMount

I think that this product is truly great, and evidently so do atleast 1,220 other people who have backed the MobileMount on Kickstarter. Soon to be available, this spinoff of typical iPhone stands is more than unique.

Consisting of two suction cups that have cleverly been placed on opposite ends of the body, the MobileMount uses a twist-and-lock technology. One end is used to stick the mount to a surface while the other will snap on to the back of literally any flat-backed phone. You simply just twist the cup to make it lock on, and twist it in the opposite direction to take it off. Regardless of whether or not your device has a case, the MobileMount will supposedly always stick which makes it differ from the plethora of other cases available for the same purpose. With the help of the included vinyl circles, the mount can also reliably stick to anything with a matte finish or anything akin to that.

The possibilities of where exactly and how exactly you can use the MobileMount are technically limitless. You can use it as a regular stand, a mount for your iPhone when using the device in the car as a GPS unit or anything else you could possibly dream of. Take a look at this video to see how strong the mount actually is:

MobileMount Strength Test/Twist-to-Lock Explanation from JR Sanchez on Vimeo.

Over the past couple of months, we’ve seen a whole multitude of iOS-compatible products, but the MobileMount undoubtedly takes the cake for the most intriguing/clever design. I’m looking forward to possibly getting my hands on one of these babies come early 2012, and you can too by pledging any amount on the product’s respective Kickstarter page. You can also check out its official video here or just click play below.