Curious About What the iPhone 5 Could Feature?

Along with all of the relatively recent hype about the iPhone 5 not being announced this Summer at WWDC, many rumors have been gaining existence and circulating through the vast press world about what this new phone could actually include. Instead of everyone having to skewer the web to find all of these, the nice guys over at the French website, Nowhere Else have created a very visually and informatively impressive diagram, if you will, to highlight just about everything that has been speculated about in terms of the new iPhone on the net.

The picture has compiled a large amount of things that we could possibly see in the near future. All accompanied by a short description, a bar displaying the probability, and polished icons corresponding to the hardware being described. Among the most probable, are a bigger screen, the same design, NFC Technology, 4G/LTE compatibility, an A5 processor, more ram, no more internal storage, HDMI output and more. It’s an absolute great tool for you potential buyers and those interested with some pretty nice visual aid.

Personally, I don’t think Apple would really revolutionize their iPhone line just yet, taking into consideration their previous endeavors, but you never know until some solid evidence surfaces.

[Nowhere Else]

Written by nkatti